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Duane and Anita Bull Chief have a church called "My Father's House" located in the Crow Nation near Billings, MT.  The Crow Nation has 2 million acres of beautiful land and about 13,000 people living on the Reservation.  Duane is also the Executive Director of the Tribal Pastor's Council which consists of Christian pastors from every denomination and actually funded thru the Crow Nation.  Duane advises the Chief (Chairman) of religious/community activities from the churches located on the reservation.  Many problems do exist on the Rez, but the Word is being preached and the unbelievers ministered to.  Building projects are a top priority as most of the churches are over 100 yr old buildings and in need of repair or completion.

Capital Campaign for new campus. Building will be state-of-the-art educational facility for Cambodian at-risk children allowing Asian Hope to double their student capacity.  25-year lease payment $100,000.  Asian Hope began as a small orphanage with 12 at-risk children.  It now has over 1400 students spread over 4 campuses and each has a top-rated educational program along with Christ's love being poured into them each day.  It makes such a difference in a country STILL in survivor-mode where many children just want to stay alive some days.

Budget needs. Move to new location w/media studio.  Monthly budget Includes 2 salaries, plus all location costs and Zona Zegura ministry programs. $5,000 a month. In one WEEK, our team saw over 1000 students in PUBLIC schools and were able to share Jesus Christ in each setting due to Zona's presentations.  Hard topics were addressed such as abortion, pornography, infidelity, promiscuity.  The programs keep the students engaged and interested in learning how Christ can heal their lives.  

Building projects, Food Bank, Resale Stores.  Poorest county in USA.  Locals needs are great and Of One Accord is a big part of meeting those needs.  Building teams are always needed and scheduled summer/spring break trips bring people from all over the country.  They redo kitchens (some homes still have no plumbing indoors - still use outhouses), put new roofs on, run gas and water lines.  A tremendous amount of work goes into providing groceries for locals on a bi-weekly basis.  Trips to just work in the Food Banks are greatly appreciated.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes TOKYO.  Missionary Will Thompson originally from Atlanta, GA started the first FCA chapter in Tokyo in the summer of 2011.  Working with the Christian professional baseball players such as Matt Murton, Will puts on baseball clinics for kids and shares the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Very cool to go to a game when Matt Murton is playing and hear 'Third Day' come on the loud speaker for his 'batting song' in a stadium full of Japanese, most of which are non-believers.  Any amount of giving is appreciated, however $1000 will pretty much cover a summer of camps.

OMAR YANEZ is raising support to obtain a Masters of Divinity degree from Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Omar YaƱez is from Cusco, Peru in South America. He has a degree in Business Administration from San Antonio Abad University of Cusco-Peru and has studied English as a second language.  Knowing Spanish and English has allowed him to help different ministries such as the IMB (International Mission Board), E3 Partners, Scripture Union, Zona Zegura and different USA churches to evangelize and plant home churches in the Andean Mountains in Peru since 2004.  He is now applying to Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama for the Spring of 2015 to obtain a Masters of Divinity degree.  This degree will help him to have more tools to continue evangelizing, planting more home churches and teach theology in South America.

Joseph and Michelle are serving in Mozambique thru God's Eyes.  Providing eye care thru clinic care.  Any amount of giving will help provide better health for the locals they work with.

The Dusty Renfro Football Camp in LIsbon, Portugal teaches American football to soccer players and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A place where soccer is king, American football is a novelty and is played in a sport club setting.  Each summer, men from FBC Aledo run a football camp in Lisbon (Rick and our son, Matt went 2010/2011).  We help to support a church plant which was formed in 2011 by one of the club players.  It is located about 3 hrs. north of Lisbon. Bibles in Portuguese, supplies for new church would be most appreciated.

Summer of 2012 Elizabeth Casey of Ancient Work led a team that traveled to Tokyo, Japan for Leadership Training.  We studied and learned from veteran IMB missionaries, Gary and Lynn Fujino. We also connected with young, married missionary couples (that have young children) who have committed to spreading the gospel in Tokyo. Andrew and Rebecca Casey are led to this area and hope to be 'in-country' by 2016.  Andrew is searching now for a IT industry position in Tokyo and they would work with other Christians to build relationships w/Japanese thru bible studies and ESL classes.  Donations would go toward travel and living expenses. Andrew and Rebecca have 2 children, Corinne, 4 yrs. and Rowan, 2 yrs.

Elizabeth Casey is a 2nd year Grad student at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX.  She received her B.A. in Missions from Baptist College of Florida in 2011.  Elizabeth is studying Agriculture with an emphasis in Crop Studies as she feels called to Southern Africa.  She has been on mission since she was 16 when she took her first 'overseas' trip to Tokyo, Japan with iGoGlobal Ministries out of Rockwall, TX. Many internships, leadership roles later, she finds herself in the scientific field of Agricultural Research where the Lord is still directing her to Southern Africa.

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